How Do I Download and install Eclipse for Java?

Heres how to download and install Eclipse for java development.

Step 1) Go to the eclipse package download page.

You can install from the installer but we will do via a zip file.

Step 2) Click on the relevant download link for your platform.

Step 3) Click the Download button on the “Select A Mirror” page

The download should start.

Step 4) Click the download and select “show in folder”

Step 5) Unzip the download.

Right click and extract all on the downloaded file to unpack the contents.

Step 6) Move the extract folder

Right click on the extracted folder and cut.

Go to where you want to keep your eclipse and click paste

Step 7) Start eclipse.

Navigate into the extracted folder, and then into eclipse. Click the eclipse icon to start eclipse!

You will see the eclipse splashscreen, and then the page where you select the location of your workspace.

Clink Launch to accept the default if you are happy with it and there you have it. Eclipse ready to use.

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