What Are The Best Websites For Learning Java Programming?

If you want to become a java programmer, what are the best websites and resources in the web to learn? Java is widely used by enterprises large and small, so is a good choice of both language and platform if you want to start out as a career and a programmer. So here we will look at some of the best resources you can find online to kick of your java programming journey from newbie to senior java software engineer.

Java Code

What Is The Java Programming Language?

Just to make sure everyone is clear, lets take a look at the history of Java. Java is a platform independent, reliable and secure programming language and platform. As java is portable, it runs on many different systems, including phones and embedded devices. Java was first made available by Sun Microsystems in 1995, but is now part of the Oracle Corporation as they bought Sun back in January 2010.

best website to learn java for beginners

Java has 2 environments depending on your needs. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is what you need to run java software, and includes the JVM, core java plus additional libraries.. The Java Development Kit (JDK) includes the JRE plus additional software that allows you to create your own java programs, so is what you need if you want to program in Java.

Top Java Resources

The list below are key resources you will need on your way to becoming a java programmer. Ive list tutorials first and then blogs. Tutorials are great when you are getting started in Java or specifics areas you want to learn. Blogs are good for catching up or keeping on to date on specific topics, but also for getting involved in the Java community.



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