Snippets Included With Simple React Snippets

Simple React Snippets by Burke Holland is a list of essential snippets that are useful when coding React.js UIs in Visual Studio Code. The list of snippets that are included are shown below.

imr – Import React

imrc – Import React, Component

impt – Import PropTypes

impc – Import PureComponent

cc – Class Component

ccc – Class Component With Constructor

sfc – Stateless Function Component

cdm – componentDidMount

cwm – componentWillMount

cwrp – componentWillReceiveProps

gds – getDerivedStateFromProps

scu – shouldComponentUpdate

cwu – componentWillUpdate

cdu – componentDidUpdate

cwun – componentWillUnmount

cdc – componentDidCatch

gsbu – getSnapshotBeforeUpdate

ss – setState

ssf – Functional setState

ren – render

rprop – Render Prop

hoc – Higher Order Component

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